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Protect Your Medical Practice Against Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

As a professional physician or other health care provider, if you have contracted to accept Medicare or Medicaid, you have already signed away significant rights. The insurance company that is administering these claims has the contractual right to come to your office unannounced and audit your records, billing and medical, and copy these records to be turned over to the state attorney general’s office of insurance fraud for prosecution. They may also seize your equipment and even your personal assets for forfeiture. They can put you out of business by these tactics, even without an indictment and way before any trial and finding of guilt. Even if you are eventually acquitted, the damage is done, to your practice and your reputation.

Facing Medicaid Fraud Charges? Talk to An Attorney Right Away.

Do not admit to anything by telling your side of the story to the police. If you are charged, or even about to be charged, do not talk to the police. Period. Do not try to defend the alleged health care, Medicare/Medicaid fraud charge. The only person you should talk to is a criminal defense attorney who can review your fraud charges.

We Will Defend Your Rights


Only extremely aggressive defense tactics on both the criminal and civil courts can help you now. The state and the federal government are extremely aggressive in prosecuting fraud charges and other financial offenses. You need representation equally aggressive. The time to contact your attorney is as soon as you even suspect there may be an investigation into your practice. Time is of the essence. Call The Law Offices of Joel M. Bacher today if you are under investigation or feel there may be some gray area in the way business is conducted.

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