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For Commercial Drivers, a Traffic or Safety Violation Endangers Livelihood

If you’re a driver with a commercial driver’s license (CDL), chances are you are on the road a lot, and with heavy, if not hazardous equipment. Not only are you more vulnerable to being pulled over, but also safety standards must be met regardless of whether you are stopped and questioned for a moving violation or not. The repercussions when not meeting safety standards can be steep. If you receive a ticket – or, worse, are arrested – while driving a commercial vehicle, this could very seriously impact your livelihood.

When Your Commercial Driver’s License Is on The Line

Driving for a living means you’re frequently behind the wheel, sometimes in tight spots, and usually under pressure to meet a deadline. These factors increase the chance of driver error. If you drive hazardous material, you bear even more responsibility and can incur stricter penalties than a regular CDL driver for a violation. Conceivably, the violation may not have a thing to do with you, but rather the owner of the vehicle instead.

With so much on the line, having a CDL lawyer who knows how to fight for your rights and protect your license to drive is absolutely crucial. DO NOT go at it alone in court.

If you hold a CDL license and are given a summons, call a CDL lawyer to discuss the violation. A call to our office is free. There are conditions of the stop that have to be met. There are numerous reasons why the stop may have been unwarranted that could favorably impact a ruling. Find that out sooner than later. Call a CDL attorney today before it’s too late.

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If you drive a commercial vehicle for a living, and your license is suspended even temporarily after a serious accident or for any other reason, your livelihood can be deeply impacted. You may not be going to jail but your finances may take a hit.

For over 40 years, our office has successfully defended numerous charges that involved commercial drivers. We have achieved numerous acquittals, dismissals and downgrading of charges for a wide range of CDL charges. We believe the best way to mitigate, if not dismiss, a commercial vehicle violation is to negotiate from a position of strength.

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