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Robust Defense Against Armed Robbery Charges

If you have been arrested on armed robbery charges, you are probably experiencing stress, discomfort and uncertainty about what the future holds for you. Maybe even anger, especially if consider yourself wrongly accused. Rest assured: when you bring your case to The Law Offices of Joel M. Bacher, you will receive an aggressive and robust defense. We will immediately seek a dismissal or downgrade. If we go to trial — even all the way to the New Jersey Supreme Court — Joel Bacher will fight tooth and nail for your acquittal.

Defending Your Rights Against Serious Robbery Charges

A charge of armed robbery is a very serious charge, make no mistake. It involves fear, force or threats with weapons in the commission of illegal taking of another’s property with the victim present. Penalties can be heavy. Oftentimes, other more severe charges are available to a prosecutor in an armed robbery offense, including where possession of a deadly weapon is present. A weapons possession charge is rolled in as well.

We'll Build a Strong Defense


If you are charged with armed robbery, you do not want to add fuel to the fire and provide information that can be held against you. Do not talk to the police, or the victim, in an effort to get your side of the story out there. Enlist a skilled criminal defense attorney who can ensure your rights are protected.

Defense Backed by Extensive Trial Experience

Defense attorney Joel Bacher has defended New Jersey residents in state and federal courts for the past 40-plus years. He is certified for civil trial by the New Jersey Supreme Court and is also fully licensed to practice in New York.

We approach every case with the tenacity necessary to go to trial. We believe that, by preparing in this way, we are in a stronger position to fight for you. For exceptional criminal defense, look no further than our firm.

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