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How Much Does It Cost to Retain a New Jersey Certified Criminal Trial Attorney in A Criminal Case?

Although the initial consultation is free, asking how much taking on a case costs is a question, you should not be afraid to ask if you need legal representation. Costs hinge on a number of factors. There are several different types of fee arrangements, and there are several different types of charges you need to be prepared to accept.

Retainer Fees in Criminal Cases

Joel Bacher offers two major types of legal fees in criminal cases, FLAT FEES and HOURLY FEES. The type of fee you select will depend on what you want to be included in your retainer fee.

  • FLAT FEE: Once the overall fee is set, it covers the cost of the representation for the time period specified by the agreement. It does not matter how many hours the lawyer spends on your defense, as all time is included in the fee. The fee is capped at the set amount.

  • HOURLY FEE: The hourly fee is set, and an initial deposit is made on behalf of your account. The lawyer tracks the time spent on your representation, and bills against the deposited monies. When the funds get low, you deposit more money into your account.

Additional Expenses & Costs in Criminal Cases

In addition to the legal fees, there may be expert witness fees, investigator expenses, transcript costs and numerous other potential outlays that will be charged to your account.

Personal Injury Compensation Explained

Fees in personal injury cases are usually based on the contingency that the lawyer is successful in recovering money for you, either through a settlement or a verdict. The contingent fee is governed by law and is 33.3% of the first $750,000.00 recovered after deducting expenses. The percentage decreases after the first $750,000. The alternative to the contingent fee is to pay the attorney on an hourly basis. Since this fee would be paid regardless of the outcome of the case, everyone opts for the contingent fee arrangement.