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Defense Lawyer for Traffic and Motor Vehicle Violations, Including Speeding and
Reckless Driving

Traffic tickets seem harmless enough unless you have a stack of them. The way to discourage a collection of moving violations, such as speeding tickets, is to fight them in court with an attorney who handles traffic violations to get them reduced or dismissed.

At The Law Offices of Joel M. Bacher, you can entrust your case to an attorney with over 40 years of experience in civil and criminal courts. We believe in putting our clients in a strong position to negotiate by thoroughly preparing their case for any venue.

Why Hire an Attorney for A Traffic Violation?

When you get traffic tickets, you can get fines and points. Points lead to insurance surcharges. Insurance surcharges lead to higher premiums. Many tickets lead to difficulty in obtaining insurance or very high premiums. Having a ticket collection is a costly cycle that can lead to suspensions, loss of driving privileges and even arrests. Do you want to be surprised by the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) with a letter informing you that your driving privileges have been suspended, or, worse, revoked?

If you are ticketed for any of these moving violations below, contact our office as soon as possible. It is best to have a representative with you in court for charges such as:

  • Reckless driving

  • Illegal passing of a school bus

  • Speeding tickets

  • Illegal crossing of railroad tracks

  • Driving while on the revoked or suspended list

  • Improper passing

  • Running a stop sign/failure to yield

  • Running a red light

Fight the Charges


Victimless? Harmless? Not really. There’s a potentially serious price you pay for these violations, and having a traffic attorney working his relationships and experience can save you money and aggravation down the road.

What to Do When You Are Required to Make a Court Appearance

Don’t make a bad situation worse by making offhanded, or worse, suggestive, comments to the police. Be polite. Try to take note of the situation – was it dark or perhaps too bright – and drive safely away when told you can. Then call a lawyer to discuss the stop. There are conditions of the stop that have to be met. Was there a camera involved or a radar device? There are numerous reasons why the stop may have been illegal. Call a defense attorney today who handles municipal court matters regarding moving violations before these things hurt you.

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