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Domestic violence charges are not all alike. Sometimes, the charge is a misnomer, in that there was nothing “violent” about it. Sometimes, there is bodily harm, and violence is more apparent. Sometimes, there is accidental bodily contact that leads to injury. No matter the charge, the accused has rights, and the story must be heard and a defense must be mounted. The Law Offices of Joel M. Bacher are here to help get you through the process as smoothly and peacefully as possible.

Don’t Assume the Police Are on Your Side

Do not try to explain your way out of the charge. Do not reenact the scenario. Do not admit to anything by telling your side of the story to the police. If you are charged, or even about to be charged, do not talk to the police. Do not talk to the alleged victim. The only person you should talk to is a criminal defense attorney to discuss the domestic violence charge. The police, when questioning you, will act like your friends – but are not. Although they may appear inquisitive about your relationship, if not feigning sympathy, that is how they extract information to hold against you.

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What the Law Considers ‘domestic Violence’

The “Prevention of Domestic Violence Act” covers all manner of violent crimes committed in a household setting between persons in a “family” relationship. This act gives the police much greater power to arrest without a warrant. If the officer believes that domestic violence has occurred, and they see any sign of an injury, the police WILL arrest the person who is alleged responsible. This will lead to a temporary restraining order (TRO). Even if you stay out of jail, you will be kept away from your house and cannot contact the person or persons who live there or even get your personal belongings without the police being present. If the TRO is converted into a final restraining order (FRO), these restrictions will be permanent. FROs do not expire. They are forever unless the attorney petitions for its dismissal.

The pattern of abusive behavior between familiar parties can involve more than physical violence. Domestic violence can entail emotional, verbal, economic and sexual abuse. Oftentimes, the accused believes the alleged abuse is justified if not acceptable punishment for an act of commission or omission. The facts of a case, especially without physical evidence, can be difficult to grasp because the accused and accuser will often present contradictory versions. A more psychological level disconnect is witnessed when the aggrieved party sees the abuse as normal and refuses to report it. The layers and nuances of the law and the emotionally charged nature of the violence can be very challenging for all parties, including the prosecution. Getting to the truth can be complex and problematic.

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