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The taking of another person’s life can lead to an arrest for murder, and this charge is perhaps the most serious charge on the books. The taking of a human life, especially when premeditated, can draw the harshest punishments in our penal code. There are other crimes in the broader category of murder, including homicide, manslaughter, negligent homicide and vehicular homicide among others. Some are willful, some accidental, and the extent to which those factors can be established in a court of law will determine the degree of the crime and the potential punishment. It can literally be a matter of life or death for the accused.

Unlawful taking of a life can include any of the following:

  • Murder

  • Manslaughter

  • Death by auto

  • Negligent homicide

  • Accidental death

  • Drug overdosing

  • Contract killing

  • Crimes of passion

If you or someone you know is wanted for or has been arrested for murder, manslaughter or vehicular homicide, accidental death, a crime of passion or death in a self-defense scenario, consult a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Obtain a Strong Defense


You Have the Right to Remain Silent

Do not start plea bargaining reduction of charges without counsel! Request a call to a criminal defense lawyer at your first opportunity, and continue to remain silent. Remember, the job of the police is to help the government build a case against you. No matter how reasonable they may seem, they are not on your side.

Strong Defense Services for Murder and Charges Involving Deadly Force

The prosecutor’s office will always have the responsibility of proving you committed a violent offense beyond a reasonable doubt. With the help of an experienced defense attorney, you have a better chance of showing the judge that one or more elements of the government’s case are not met.

For over 40 years, The Law Offices of Joel M. Bacher have successfully defended numerous charges that involved loss of life by deadly force. Working out of Wayne, New Jersey, we provide skilled defense services for a wide range of cases — from accidental deaths and self-defense to murder and manslaughter. We believe the way to mitigate if not win a murder charge is to negotiate and litigate from a position of strength.

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