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You have probably seen the billboards: “Insurance Fraud = Prison.” They mean it. The insurance industry is very powerful, and they use the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office as their personal enforcement agency. The attorney general is extremely serious about insurance fraud, and seeks to put anyone accused of insurance fraud – be it for health care or unemployment or disability – behind bars. Even innocent mistakes may result in being charged with insurance fraud. But oftentimes, it involves presenting an exaggerated claim for lost or stolen items for much larger than the loss. Other times, people feign injuries, or stage accidents, and collect insurance money illegally, collecting compensation for a disability that never really occurred.

How False Insurance Claims Often Occur

Insurance companies have numerous ways to detect criminal activity when it comes to false claims, such as claiming your car was stolen when it was not, or padding your list of lost items in an insurance claim. There are times, however, when honest mistakes occur. Or there’s too much gray area that perhaps taking advantage of a situation you thought lawful turns out to be criminal. Related insurance fraud may include:

  • Medicare/Medicaid insurance fraud

  • Health care insurance fraud

  • Unemployment insurance fraud

  • Social Security Insurance fraud

  • Disability insurance fraud

  • Auto insurance fraud

Your Rights are
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Insurance fraud also affects innocent people because insurance companies often spread their losses to the premiums of honest customers. For this reason, among others, insurance fraud carries significant penalties that both punish and deter all forms of insurance fraud.

What to Do if You Are Questioned for Insurance or Disability Fraud

Being arrested for insurance fraud because of suspicious claims is not to be taken lightly. If you are arrested, or under suspicion or investigation, for insurance fraud or any financial crime, do not talk to the police or authorities (such as human resource personnel or even the insurance company itself) about the charge.

Do not try to explain to the authorities the integrity of your claim. Exercise your right to remain silent and get a criminal defense lawyer at your first opportunity. Request a call to a criminal defense lawyer at your first opportunity and continue to remain silent in the meantime.

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