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Joel Bacher, Wayne Criminal Defense Lawyer for Trespassing Charges

Trespassing is being present in a location where you’re not allowed to be. It can be an unwitting overstep onto secured or unsecured private property. It can also be a willful disregard of boundaries, sometimes escalating into a confrontation that encourages further criminal charges such as lewd behavior or assault.

A charge of trespassing can be the lesser charge attached to other charges when criminal activity occurs as a result of the trespass. However, most trespassing charges are usually brought before a municipal court judge. That does not mean they should be taken lightly, and that you should go to court alone. Quite the opposite.

What to Do if You Are Arrested for Trespassing on Private Property

Trespassing is sometimes a simple misunderstanding. Sometimes it’s not. If you are arrested for trespassing, police may or may not have had good reason to bust you, but, nevertheless, do not talk to them about why you were trespassing. Exercise your right to remain silent and get a criminal defense lawyer for the trespassing charge at your first opportunity. That is your best chance for a downgrade, if not a dismissal. The police are not on your side, no matter how reasonable they may seem, because it is their job to help build a case against you.

Request a call to a criminal defense lawyer at your first opportunity and continue to remain silent in the meantime.

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The Law Offices of Joel M. Bacher is here to defend your rights. For the last 40-plus years, attorney Joel Bacher has protected his clients’ rights against overstepping by the government — achieving numerous acquittals, dismissals and downgrading of charges for a wide range of property crimes. We believe the best way to mitigate if not dismiss a trespassing charge is to negotiate and litigate from a position of strength. That’s why we prepare every case as if it is going to trial.

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