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Sound Guidance when Your Assets Are Seized

If your personal property, such as a car or home, was used in the commission of a crime, the government through law enforcement offices can petition the courts to seize such things as assets derived from illegal activities. Getting them back is not a simple matter of asking for them in a form. Surprisingly, assets can be sought even if there is insufficient evidence to pursue a criminal charge because the burden of proof that a crime has been committed is much lower in civil court than in criminal court. In other words, if all things point that the house in which you’re living was obtained by illegal activity, even without obvious criminal activity, law enforcement can seize your house.

What to Do if Forfeiture Proceedings Are Underway to Seize Your Assets

In order to challenge law enforcement’s pursuit of forfeiture of your assets, you must file a claim within certain time limits. You can do this alone or you can do far more securely by hiring a forfeiture attorney familiar with the nuances of forfeiture law to help you.

Showing up alone at a court office in pursuit of your property can subject you to questioning that can be used against you. As such, it is unwise to deal with authorities on recovering assets, especially if there is a criminal charge at hand. Hire a forfeiture attorney who is also a criminal defense attorney ASAP. Exercise your right to remain silent.

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Fighting Forfeiture Actions in Northern New Jersey

Forfeiture, oftentimes, is an overreach by law enforcement. Even when they are confident, there are lawful conditions that must be met before a seizure. For example, an illegal search may have led to suspicion of illegal activity leading to forfeiture. In other instances, the owner of assets seized, such as a rental property, had no clue that illegal activity was occurring on his property. The Law Offices of Joel M. Bacher are here to defend your rights.

For over 40 years, we have successfully defended numerous charges that resulted in forfeiture, including white-collar crimes and other types of financial offenses. We have helped many clients recover assets that had been seized by law enforcement. If you are being subject to forfeiture and are uncertain how to claim property that rightfully belongs to you, contact us as soon as possible. The call to discuss your case is free.

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