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If you have been arrested on theft or robbery charges, you are probably experiencing stress, discomfort, and uncertainty about what the future holds for you. Maybe even anger, especially if you consider yourself wrongly accused, perhaps a disagreement gone bad with an acquaintance. Rest assured: If you bring your case to The Law Offices of Joel M. Bacher, you will receive an aggressive and robust defense. We will immediately seek a dismissal or downgrade, fighting tooth and nail for your acquittal.

Basics of A Theft Charge

Theft is intentionally taking another’s personal property without permission or consent, cash being the most commonly stolen item. Theft, however, is actually a broader term, encompassing many forms of deceit, including:

  • Shoplifting

  • Taking under false pretenses

  • Robbery

  • Fraud

In cases where the value of stolen items falls below a certain threshold, the crime is considered a disorderly person charge or petty disorderly person charge, and those offenses are always brought before a municipal court judge. Larger amounts constitute a grand theft offense, and penalties are much more severe.

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The First Step to A Successful Defense: Remain Silent

Being arrested for stealing can be signs of more problematic trouble, and is often related to other issues like a drug habit or overwhelming debt. Other times, the intention is irrespective of any mitigating factor. If you are arrested for theft, do not talk to the police about why you stole. Period. Do not try to negotiate with the police. Or worse, reason with the police about a need, or try to suggest you were going to replace the stolen items, admitting you stole them! Exercise your right to remain silent and get a criminal defense lawyer at your first opportunity. That is your best chance for a downgrade, if not a dismissal.

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Ensure your rights are protected by working with an attorney who has been in the field for decades. Defense lawyer Joel Bacher has extensive trial experience in New Jersey, New York and federal courts – approaching each case as if it is going all the way to trial. By preparing for every scenario, you are in a stronger position to mitigate charges and negotiate for your freedom.

In a recent criminal trial case adjudicated in the Municipal Court of Paterson, New Jersey, Joel Bacher, acting as a criminal defense attorney for a client accused of theft from his employer and criminal destruction of property, resulting in a finding of not guilty.

Our clients reap the benefits of:

  • Over 40 years of litigation experience

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