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How to Handle Accusations of Official Misconduct or Malfeasance

Official misconduct is an abuse of the public trust involving an official in public office. Generally, it occurs when the power of the office is abused or leveraged for personal or financial gain. It often occurs when there may be a conflict of interest in a ruling in which the official holds influence, where financial gain is at stake, such as a ruling on zoning as it relates to real estate. Occasionally, a public official may step in on behalf of a friend or associate, or relative, interfering with the processing of a criminal charge. Sometimes, nepotism is involved in perceived misconduct.

Whenever a public employee oversteps the boundaries of the office in which they serve and uses that office’s power to circumvent accepted rules, official misconduct is often charged. The accused stands not only to lose his or her job, but also to endure public repudiation if not humiliation, in addition to the loss of pension if not community service, or worse, time in jail.

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Remember Your Rights During Complex Investigations

Don’t be misled believing that your familiarity with the interrogators is a good thing. You may be their boss, but do not try to negotiate with or, worse, sweet-talk them. Exercise your right to remain silent and get a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer to tackle this official misconduct charge at your first opportunity.

The police or other law enforcement or government officials, when questioning you, are not your friends anymore. Oftentimes, a malfeasance charge is bundled with other related charges, such as bribery or fraud, which can ramp up the punishment and point to jail time. Be polite, yes, but be firm, and request a call to a criminal defense lawyer at your first opportunity and continue to remain silent in the meantime.

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