Facing Down Credit Card Theft Charges

Credit card fraud is a growing business. With the interception and otherwise illegal taking of personal data, including credit card data by way of cybercrime among other methods, credit card fraud is soaring. The defense of these charges are so important because the forms of theft are not always clear-cut. What may appear to be fraud at first glance, may indeed be a less serious offense, if an offense at all.

Be Cautious And Remember Your Rights

Do not try to mitigate the charge. Do not admit to anything by telling your side of the story to police. If you are charged, or even about to be charged, do not talk to the police.

Do NOT try to defend the alleged fraud. The only person you should talk to is a criminal defense attorney who can review your fraud charges. The police, on the other hand, when questioning you, despite what your mother may have told you, are not your friends. Be polite, yes, but be firm, and request a call to a criminal defense lawyer at your first opportunity and continue to remain silent in the meantime.

Strong Defense Services Against Charges Of Credit Card Fraud

If you or someone you know has been arrested on a fraud charge, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney for representation and counsel. Remember, being charged does not equal a conviction. The state still has to prove its case against you beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Law Offices of Joel M. Bacher has achieved numerous acquittals, dismissals and downgrading of charges for a wide range of fraud crimes. We prepare thoroughly for every case in the event of trial. We believe the way to mitigate if not dismiss a credit card fraud charge is to negotiate and litigate from a position of strength.

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