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Tragic Accident Claims the Life of New Jersey Child

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher Nov. 27, 2021

A tragic crash has claimed the life of a 9-year-old child, according to sources in Lakewood. The New Jersey State Police responded to the crash and are still trying to determine the cause of the auto accident. No charges have been filed as information continues to be collected.

What Reportedly Took Place at The Accident Scene?

According to the very limited information gathered by police so far, it appears that, around 10:17 p.m. the night of Nov. 21, a single vehicle was traveling on entrance ramp 89A toward GSP south when the accident happened. For reasons that have yet to be determined, the vehicle left the road before overturning. A 9-year-old boy from Beachwood sustained fatal injuries after being ejected from the vehicle. He was pronounced dead.

No information was provided about the driver or any other passengers who might have been in the vehicle. Police have not ruled out negligence, recklessness or even intoxication at this point. The crash will remain under investigation until such time as these questions are answered to the satisfaction of law enforcement.

Those Who Lose Loved Ones in These Instances Have Legal Rights

Depending on the outcome of this investigation, the driver (should they have survived) may face criminal charges for their role in the auto accident leading to the child’s death. New Jersey law also allows the family of the child to file further civil complaints in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit. This can even occur if the driver and the child share a familial relationship.