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Teen Critically Injured in Auto Accident

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher Nov. 20, 2020

A man has been charged with assault by auto following a terrible crash that seriously injured a teenager, according to local sources. New Jersey police in Bergen County responded to the accident, which occurred in the parking lot of a fast-food chain in North Bergen. A 52-year-old man stands charged after the auto accident ,which also injured two other people. He was released in advance of a court date.

According to the report, it appears the 52-year-old was driving his sports car at a high rate of speed just after 9 p.m. the night of Oct. 24. The driver may have lost control of his vehicle, striking a minivan parked in the lot of a Kentucky Fried Chicken just off Route 17. The force of the impact ejected the male passenger and critically injured the female driver of the minivan, both 19 years of age. She remains in critical condition as of this report.

The offending driver and a 23-year-old male passenger in his vehicle were both injured, but were treated at a local medical center and later released. The driver stands charged with assault by auto, and was also issued summonses for reckless driving and speeding. He was set to make his first court appearance on Nov. 18.

An auto accident of this severity can change lives, leaving even those who survive with long-term injuries as well as mental and emotional anguish. This is why the state of New Jersey allows the injured parties to file personal injury suits against the driver, even if no criminal conviction is secured. As long as sufficient evidence of the driver’s negligence is presented, the court may find reason to award damages to the injured parties.