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Slow Drivers Can Be Dangerous Too

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher April 2, 2020

Speeders in New Jersey may get a lot of criticism, but slow drivers can be just as dangerous in some situations. If a driver is holding up traffic by going too slow in the left lane, cars may start dangerously passing on the right lane. Other dangers of slow driving are that it can create a buildup of traffic in an otherwise low traffic area or cause drivers to have to brake suddenly.

People driving substantially slower than the posted speed limit can be ticketed. In some states, slow drivers can be fined just as much or more than speeders. California has imposed a traffic law that requires drivers on two-lane roads to pull over if there are more than five cars behind them.

There are many different reasons why people may drive too slowly. Seniors have a reputation for slow driving, but they are not the only age group that has been known to hold up traffic. A lot of newly licensed teen drivers who are unsure of their driving abilities and unfamiliar with road rules tend to drive slowly while they are learning. Tourists of all ages may also drive too slowly because they are distracted by the sights or figuring out directions.

A person who was involved in a multi-car accident might want to speak to a lawyer about whether the accident was caused by a slow driver. After an auto accident, security camera footage or eyewitness testimony might help victims to determine who is liable. A lawyer may be able to help an auto accident victim to sort through the available evidence and sue the liable parties for damages.