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Police Departments to Patrol for DWIs During Super Bowl

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher Feb. 4, 2018

Numerous New Jersey town authorities have reported their plans to have additional DWI patrols out during the Super Bowl on Feb. 4. The police departments involved in beefing up their patrols include Hazlet, Atlantic Highlands, Keansburg, Highlands, Matawan, Union Beach and a variety of other towns in the area.

It was reported that nine of the police departments that will be involved in the DWI Super Bowl patrols were each awarded $11,000 in grants from the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety. The other departments involved in the patrols will have access to enforcement funds for curbing drunk driving.

The Keansburg Police Chief made a statement saying that the department wanted to encourage residents to give their keys to a sober driver before they start drinking. If a sober driver is not available or residents do not have a person who is responsible for making sure everyone gets home safely, they should consider other ride options.

In New Jersey, those who are accused of drunk driving could face serious punishments. In many cases, the accused person could face both legal and administrative consequences. Legal consequences could include probation, a jail sentence, major fines and the requirement to complete an alcohol rehabilitation program. Administrative consequences, on the other hand, could include an immediate loss of driving privileges. Because both the administrative case and the legal case may happen concurrently, a criminal law attorney could walk the accused offender through the process so that he or she understands what is at stake. The attorney can also present arguments to prevent license suspension so that the defendant can continue to go to work while the legal case is progressing.