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No Two Personal Injury Cases Are the Same

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher April 22, 2019

A recent article provides a good reminder that every auto accident case is unique. From the aspects of legal strategy to our firm’s connection to the crash victims, we approach every personal injury lawsuit with a fresh perspective.

Granted, there are some constants. In every personal injury case, a plaintiff must prove that a duty of care was owed, that the defendant breached that duty and caused harm, and that the request for damages is supported by the evidence. Yet how an attorney approaches these elements in a personal injury lawsuit can make all the difference in the outcome.

The Uniqueness Lies in The Facts

Our law firm reviews every aspect of the factual record, starting with the police report. We may send an investigator to the scene to look for evidence such as skid marks. We may utilize video evidence, if available, and canvass for any potential eyewitnesses. We may utilize accident reconstruction experts to interpret the evidence we gather. We concurrently document your injuries, working with your doctors to establish the amount of your damages.

Along the way, there are also opportunities for negotiation. The article stated that only around five percent of personal injury cases go to trial. Yet we always approach every case with this potential in mind. By preparing a vigorous case, we can gain leverage in settlement discussions. Our advocacy may include a recommendation to turn down an initial settlement offer from the other party’s insurance company. Once they see our preparations through the exchange of discovery, mediation, or negotiations, we are often able to get closer to the compensation that our accident victim clients deserve.

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