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New Jersey State Senator Faces DUI Charge

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher June 7, 2021

A senator is facing serious charges following an incident in early March that saw her pulled over and arrested. The 70-year-old New Jersey legislator is charged with DUI after police say she was behaving erratically after being involved in an accident. She was scheduled to appear in court as of June 3.

What Supposedly Happened?

According to the report filed by police, Senator Sandra Cunningham was stopped by police after allegedly crashing her vehicle into two parked cars. Bodycam footage taken by the officers on the scene seems to corroborate their initial claim that Cunningham was slurring her words and appeared to sway on her feet. When asked if she had had any alcohol that day she said no, and reportedly asked for Jersey City’s Director of Public Safety to be brought to the scene, accusing officers of falsely identifying her condition as intoxicated.

She was arrested on the scene over the protests of her political advisor and charged with DUI. Her attorney maintains her actions were the result of the accident, not of intoxication on her part. No further information is available at this time.

Moving Forward After Facing These Charges

If the senator is found guilty of DUI, she could lose her license and face fines. It could also have a detrimental effect on her political career. Senator Cunningham has sought the support of a criminal defense attorney who will represent her in court when she formally faces her charges. The attorney’s job will be to carefully review the facts as presented by prosecutors as part of an effort to build a strong defense against these charges.