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New Jersey Senator Faces Suspicion of DUI

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher March 11, 2021

A state senator accused of driving while intoxicated is vehemently denying the accusation, according to local news sources. The senator is accused of striking three parked cars the morning of March 2 as a result of DUI. An investigation is underway at this time, and it is unclear whether formal charges have been filed.

What Are the Alleged Details?

According to the limited information provided by the report, the woman struck three separate parked vehicles in Jersey City. When officers responded to the scene, they say they suspected the woman was drunk. She maintains otherwise, claiming to have been suffering from a bad reaction to. It is unclear what condition this medication is used to treat.

No injuries were reported at the scene, but police obtained a warrant to test the senator’s bodily fluids for signs of drugs or alcohol. The results of that test have not been released at this time. Apparently, a captain with the Jersey City police attempted to convince the supervisor on site to drop the investigation, but was denied. The investigation remains in progress.

What Happens from Here?

There is potentially a significant difference between wilfully engaging in DUI and having an adverse reaction to a prescribed medication. Thankfully no one was injured in this crash, and the senator’s criminal defense counsel will likely focus on the specifics of her interactions with police, including the blood test she was required to undergo. If evidence exists that her rights were violated, and indeed if that evidence does not adequately support a DUI charge, the case could be thrown out of court altogether.