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New Jersey Drug Investigation Leads to 4 Arrests

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher May 19, 2020

Police in New Jersey say that a 31-year-old Paterson man and a 30-year-old Paterson woman, who were taken into custody on May 6, were running a drug manufacturing and distribution operation out of the 4th Avenue apartment they shared. The two are being held without bond at the Paterson County Jail on a raft of narcotics and weapons charges. A 36-year-old New Rochelle man and a 54-year-old Paterson resident, who detectives claim to have seen purchasing drugs from the man, were also taken into custody during the operation.

Reports of Drug Sales Prompt Investigation

The investigation into the man’s alleged illegal activities was launched in April after the Paterson Police Department received reports of drug dealing in the vicinity of East 13th Street and 5th Avenue. During the investigation, detectives say that they observed the man making multiple hand-to-hand transactions on East 15th Street. Two of the individuals the man was allegedly seen doing business with were taken into custody. The arrests are said to have led to the seizure of 371 glassine envelopes containing a substance believed to be heroin and a small plastic bag containing a substance believed to be crack cocaine.

Seized Drugs Lead to Search Warrant

The drugs seized from the man’s two alleged customers helped detectives to obtain a search warrant. The man was taken into custody in front of his apartment at approximately 6:10 p.m. according to a police report. During the ensuing search, police claim to have discovered more than 3,000 glassine envelopes containing heroin, about 7 pounds of marijuana, approximately 34 grams of a substance believed to be crack cocaine, a loaded semiautomatic handgun and $8,596 in U.S. currency.

Plea Negotiations in Drug Cases

Experienced criminal defense attorneys may argue in court when police appear to have acted improperly or their clients maintain their innocence, but the attorneys might seek to resolve narcotics cases at the negotiating table if the evidence gathered by law enforcement is compelling. If you are facing drug charges connected to a search of your vehicle or residence, an attorney may scrutinize the police report carefully before advising you about your options and a prudent course of action.