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Multiple DUI Arrests in New Jersey

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher Sept. 14, 2021

Labor Day Weekend saw an uptick in DUI arrests in Jackson County, according to local law enforcement. Police in the New Jersey county say they charged five people with DUI between Sunday and Monday alone. All five of these individuals will require criminal defense representation when they face their respective charges in court.

The Alleged Details of The Incidents

Among those arrested were a 24-year-old who was chased down on Sunday by police, following an alleged hit-and-run involving a parked car. He was charged not only with driving under the influence but also leaving the scene of an accident, violating open container laws and a variety of other infractions. He is currently released on summons, pending his first court appearance.

The other individuals were arrested on Monday and included a 31-year-old man who drove a U.S. Postal Service truck into a utility pole, a 56-year-old man who crashed his truck into a tree and a 44-year-old woman who was allegedly found with open containers of alcohol in her vehicle before refusing to submit to a breath test. All of these individuals have been processed and will appear in court over the coming months.

Protecting One’s Rights when Facing Charges

Every DUI case is unique, and as such, every defense against such charges must be equally unique. This is why the job of a criminal defense attorney is so critical in the justice process. Each of the accused individuals will be represented by their own attorney in New Jersey court, each of whom will work to build strong defenses for their respective clients, using the facts of the case to bolster their cases.