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More Coffee Consumption May Raise Crash Risk Among Truckers

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher July 22, 2020

If you were injured in a collision with a large truck in New Jersey, then one of the first things you may have wondered is how the truck driver was at fault. For example, truckers can put others at risk by driving drowsy, and if they drink lots of coffee over the long term to stay awake, they may make matters worse. At least, this is what one recent study suggests.

What the Study Involved

The study was conducted by a transport safety lecturer from the Loughborough University Design School together with the Virginia Tech Transport Institute. As part of the study, over 3,000 truck drivers from eight different states, including New Jersey, were asked to fill out a questionnaire. These truckers were chosen because of their coffee drinking habits. Drivers in one group drink only one cup of coffee a day, and drivers in the other group drink more than five cups daily.

High Coffee Drinkers More Likely to Crash

One of the questions these truckers answered, without sharing responses with their employers, was whether they had been in a crash in the previous three years. It turned out that 21.6% of the low coffee drinkers and 27.8% of the high coffee drinkers said yes.

Poor health can contribute to a crash, too; interestingly enough, the high coffee drinkers suffered from poorer health overall than the other group. Many reported that they failed to get restful sleep or eat healthy while some reported that they smoke or tend to drink excessively.

What Future Studies Could Uncover

Of course, the caffeinated beverages were not limited to coffee. Different beverages contain different amounts of caffeine, so future studies should take this into account. It is hoped that further research will uncover the “tipping point” at which caffeine consumption leads to unhealthy behavior.

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