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Man Faces DUI Charge in New Jersey

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher June 24, 2021

A driver from Saddle Brook believed to be responsible for a wrong-way crash in Paramus has been arrested and is awaiting trial, according to local news sources. The 63-year-old New Jersey man is facing a DUI charge after he allegedly caused a head-on collision that severely injured another driver. He faces multiple additional charges as well, but remains free pending his first appearance in court on June 25.

What Supposedly Happened at The Accident Scene?

According to the report, as well as witness statements from bystanders including an off-duty detective, the 63-year-old man was traveling on Paramus Road when he veered into the oncoming lane. This caused a collision between his vehicle and a vehicle driven by a 44-year-old woman. The force of the impact was so extreme that both vehicles caught fire.

Firefighters on the scene were able to contain the blaze, and the female driver was rushed to a local hospital with injuries described as serious. However, she remains in stable condition as of this report. The other driver was not described as being injured, and he has been charged with two counts of assault by vehicle, as well as summonses for reckless driving and DUI.

Building a Criminal Defense in The Aftermath of These Charges

Everyone knows the dangers of drunk driving and its potential cost, both in a judicial sense and in terms of human life. But an inaccurate DUI charge can lead to incredible trouble for the accused person, including effects on his or her professional and personal life. This is why the individual in this case will be represented in New Jersey court by a qualified defense attorney who will build a strong case in his defense based upon the facts provided by witnesses, police and prosecutors.