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Drugs Allegedly Discovered in Shooting Suspect’s Home

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher July 23, 2020

Police in New Jersey have taken a man into custody who they believe is responsible for two shootings in North Brunswick in June. During a search of the 25-year-old man’s Milltown residence, police claim to have found several firearms and significant quantities of illegal drugs. The man has been charged with multiple felonies and is being held at the North Brunswick Corrections Center. During the operation that led to the man’s arrest, the North Brunswick Police Department was assisted by officers from the Middlesex County Special Operations Response Team who arrived at the scene in an armored vehicle.

Reports of Gunfire Sparks Investigation

The sequence of events that led to the man being taken into custody began in the evening of June 2 when NBPD officers were dispatched to a residence on Crescent Court to investigate reports of gunfire. Police responded to the same address at about 2:30 p.m. on June 30 to investigate another shooting incident. Initial reports do not reveal what led investigators to believe that the man was involved or what his motive may have been. He has been charged with multiple counts of second-degree attempted murder and weapons possession in connection with the two shootings.

Residence Search Leads to Drug Seizure

The operation to take the man into custody took place on July 2. Media reports suggest that he was arrested at his home without incident. During the operation, police allegedly discovered substances believed to be heroin and cocaine in quantities commensurate with drug distribution. This discovery led to additional charges of drug possession and drug possession with the intent to distribute being filed.

Remaining Silent During Police Questioning

Police officers usually conduct lengthy interviews during investigations of this type, and suspects often believe that the evidence against them is overwhelming and their best option is to cooperate fully. Experienced criminal law attorneys would likely advise individuals facing serious narcotics and weapons charges to avail themselves of their right to remain silent until they have received legal advice no matter how grim their situations appear. This is because most criminal cases are resolved with plea bargains, and prosecutors may be less inclined to offer sentencing or charging concessions when defendants have already made a full confession.