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Drug Possession and Penalties in New Jersey

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher March 19, 2020

An investigation conducted by the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Trenton and Hamilton police resulted in the issuance of search warrants for two Trenton homes. During the raid, police claim to have seized an array of illicit drugs, firearms and cash.

On Feb. 28, Trenton police executed search warrants on two Trenton homes. The search of the first residence, located on Ardmore Avenue, reportedly turned up a large supply of heroin and ecstasy along with smaller amounts of cocaine, oxycodone and marijuana. Police arrested one suspect, a 31-year-old man, in the garage of a neighboring home. Police then claim to have found an additional brick of heroin in the suspect’s vehicle.

While searching another residence on Greenwood Avenue, officials reportedly found another kilogram of ecstasy, multiple firearms and about $6,000 in cash. On the grounds of drug possession and firearm charges, police obtained an arrest warrant for another suspect, but they have not yet located him.

The suspects face serious charges. With the exception of small amounts of marijuana and hashish, possession of controlled substances in New Jersey is a felony offense and punishable by hefty fines, considerable prison time or both.

With so much at stake, anyone facing drug possession charges in New Jersey may wish to consult a criminal defense attorney. An attorney with experience in drug possession cases may work to help people accused of drug offenses to secure the most favorable outcome possible. A defendant’s attorney might challenge the evidence put forth by police or look for signs that police exceeded the scope of their search warrant, possibly rendering the evidence inadmissible in court.