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Don’t Start 2020 with A DUI

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher Dec. 24, 2019

People may be looking for a fresh start in 2020. However, doing so could be difficult if one gets a DUI over New Year’s. Whether someone is driving home from a New Year’s Eve party or the alcohol didn’t ware off from the night before, the consequences could be dire if those charged are found guilty.

Sadly, hundreds of motorists die over the holiday season due to drunk driving. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, approximately 300 people were killed in drunk driving crashes between Christmas and New Years in the last five years. In 2016, more than 780 people lost their lives in drunk driving crashes in December alone.

New Year’s Safety Tips

Here in New Jersey, ringing in the new year is a time for celebration with friends and loved ones. But those good times could take a turn for the worse if people aren’t careful. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 5% of young adults in New Jersey get killed in drunk driving crashes. Here is what party-goers and bar patrons can do to make sure they’re protecting themselves and others this holiday season:

  • Have a designated sober cab

  • Utilize rideshare apps like Lyft or Uber

  • Stay overnight at a friend’s house

  • Drink at home

  • Watch out for other drunk drivers

  • Put the car keys in a hidden spot

Don’t Let a DUI Ruin 2020

New Year’s celebrations are a great way for people to spend time with their loved ones. However, it’s crucial to remain responsible and self-aware of one’s actions to keep themselves and others out of harm’s way.