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Contractor Accused of Theft for Allegedly Not Returning Deposit

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher June 8, 2018

A New Jersey contractor who reportedly refused to return a woman’s deposit after she canceled repairs to her residence was taken into custody. The woman reportedly asked for the return of the deposit within three days after scheduling the repairs when she became suspicious of the man’s services.

The woman reportedly needed to have her home raised to the new flood zone mandates resulting from Hurricane Sandy. She ultimately decided to have the contract reviewed by an attorney before canceling. The woman delivered the notice to the business within the appropriate period that had been mandated by the New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor Registration Act.

It was noted within the contract that the business would return the deposit if the services were canceled within 30 days. However, the accused man reportedly held on to the $40,000 and refused to provide the refund. He was ultimately charged with theft. He was also involved in an unrelated case where he was convicted of violations under the Contractor Registration Act. He was sentenced to probation as a result.

When a person is accused of theft, he or she could face serious consequences if he or she is convicted on the charges. Depending on the amount that was allegedly stolen, a person could face time in prison, expensive fines and probation. Further, a criminal record could prevent the person from finding employment in the future, potentially making it difficult for him or her to move on. A criminal law attorney may investigate the alleged theft and build strong defenses in order to protect the person’s rights. If authorities did not follow proper procedures during the investigation, the attorney might work to have some or all of the evidence be deemed inadmissible in court, potentially weakening the prosecution’s case.

Source: NJ, “Contractor charged with stealing $40K from woman who needed Hurricane Sandy repairs“, Amanda Hoover, 05/25/2018