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Bruce Springsteen Charged with DUI in New Jersey

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher Feb. 24, 2021

The National Park Service has confirmed that rock star Bruce Springsteen was arrested at Gateway National Recreation Area in Nov. 2020. The 71-year-old musician was cited for reckless driving, consuming alcohol in a closed area and DUI. It is unclear why this information was unreported to the media for several months, but Springsteen is expected to appear in a New Jersey court in early March.

Are There Any Known Details Regarding the Incident?

The details of the musician’s arrest were not included in the report, but it has been confirmed that he was detained by park staff on Nov. 14 and was later arrested. It is unknown whether he spent any time in jail, but it appears he has been out of custody for some time. It does not appear that anyone was injured in this alleged incident.

While representatives for Springsteen have not commented publicly on the incident, an advertisement for Jeep featuring the musician which aired at the Super Bowl has since been pulled from the company’s YouTube channel. Service workers at the park mentioned that Springsteen was cooperative throughout the arrest process. So far, no specific court date has been announced.

What Happens Moving Forward?

While it is important to remember that even celebrities are beholden to the law, it is equally important to note that they have same rights as every other individual accused of a crime. This is why Mr. Springsteen will appear before a New Jersey court represented by a criminal defense attorney who will work to defend against the formal accusations regarding this alleged DUI incident. The lawyer may also explore the possibility of a plea agreement, should the facts of the case support such a move.