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Auto Accidents, Trauma and Eating Disorders

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher June 14, 2019

When people think about the consequences that car crash victims often experience, they may envision broken bones and other physical challenges, as well as financial problems due to hospital bills or missing work. However, the emotional toll of these accidents can be overwhelming, and many victims struggle with a great deal of mental trauma. For some, this can result in other issues that make recovery hard and interrupt their life. For example, some people may develop an eating disorder in the wake of a motor vehicle collision.

In some instances, eating disorders are brought on by high levels of stress and significant mental trauma. Some people may turn to food when they are seeking comfort or feel unable to cope with the hardships that they are going through. The mental toll of a car crash should not be overlooked, especially if someone is thinking about taking legal action to hold an irresponsible driver accountable for their actions and the various problems that have arisen as a result of the crash.

If you are struggling with an eating disorder due to a car accident, or you are dealing with any other difficulties brought on by mental trauma, it is essential to focus on recovering. There may be a number of ways in which you can address the hardships you are struggling with and you may be able to speed up your recovery by holding a careless driver who caused the crash accountable in the courtroom. We cover other topics concerning auto accident consequences on our blog.