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4 Factors that May Make Someone More Susceptible to Addiction

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher Jan. 1, 2021

Many people are quick to make judgments about others without truly knowing the situation. You may have found yourself facing hard times and felt that no one would understand or want to help. You may even have suspected that they would simply blame you for the issues you faced. As a result, you turned to drugs or alcohol to try to cope with your problems on your own.

Unfortunately, if this is the case, you are among the many people who find themselves hoping that drugs will help them get through the difficulties they face in life. This can happen to anyone, but certain factors could make some individuals more susceptible to falling into drug-related problems.

Do These Sound Familiar?

You may have never anticipated becoming addicted to an illegal or controlled substance, but life typically does not go as many people plan. One or more of the following scenarios may apply to your life, and it is possible that such factors contributed to your drug use:

  • Biology: You may have planned to try a drug once and never use it again, but your biological makeup may have resulted in you becoming hooked after one use, whereas the substance may not have been as addictive for others.

  • Mental health concerns: You may be one of the many people who live with anxiety, depression or considerable stress, and you may have hoped that a mind-altering substance would help you cope with those feelings.

  • Work difficulties: Some people stereotype individuals with drug addictions as unemployed or living on the streets. However, having trouble at work or the stress of the job could contribute to someone turning to illegal substances.

  • Personal issues: Family problems, feelings of loneliness and isolation, and other personal issues could also contribute to a person turning to drugs or alcohol in hopes of finding relief from troubling emotions.

Whether these or other issues result in your becoming addicted to an illegal or controlled substance, you face a difficult path in life. In fact, authorities may have recently taken you into custody on drug-related charges, and now you may wonder what to do.

Legal Options

Fortunately, though your life may feel out of control, you do have options that could help you address any criminal charges you face as well as possibly help you get your life back on track by addressing your addiction. Discussing your specific situation with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney may prove useful to you.