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2 People Severely Injured After Auto Accident

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher Aug. 28, 2021

Two people were hurt in a single-vehicle accident in Hammondtown, according to local sources. New Jersey news sources say the driver and passenger were injured in the auto accident that required both individuals to be immediately hospitalized. Winslow Township Fire Department is working with the local highway safety unit to determine the cause of the crash.

What Apparently Happened

According to the report, the vehicle was carrying a 34-year-old male driver and a 22-year-old female passenger in the front seat. Around 2 a.m. the morning of Aug. 20, for reasons that have yet to be determined, their vehicle was traveling on Waterford Road when it veered off into a wooded area. The car struck a tree with considerable force.

The passenger was partly ejected from the vehicle and was airlifted by helicopter to a nearby hospital. The driver had to be extricated from the vehicle by emergency crews, illustrating the damage done to the vehicle. He was taken to the same hospital by ground ambulance. Neither individual’s injuries have been reported upon, but it can be assumed they may be severe.

Seeking Legal Support in The Aftermath of These Incidents

Finding the cause of a single-vehicle auto accident may seem simpler than a crash involving multiple vehicles, but the fact is there can be a variety of factors that influence even a single driver. If the investigation reveals the driver was reckless, negligent or even intoxicated, leading to the crash, he may find himself subject to criminal charges. Separately, even if no charges are filed, his injured passenger is entitled to file a personal injury suit against him in a New Jersey civil court.