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1 Dead, 5 Injured in New Jersey Auto Accident

The Law Office of Joel M. Bacher May 7, 2021

Garden State Parkway was the site of a serious crash that left one person dead and five others, including children, in serious condition. New Jersey authorities responded to the auto accident that took place near exit 25 in Upper Township. No charges have been filed against the driver involved in the crash, but the investigation is still underway as of this report.

The Details of The Unfortunate Accident

According to the report filed by New Jersey State Police, around 2:30 p.m. on April 28, a driver operating a single SUV driving southbound on Garden State Parkway apparently lost control of the vehicle, causing it to leave the highway. It appears this vehicle was the only one involved in the crash. A passenger in the front seat of the vehicle, identified by police as a 34-year-old Delanco resident, was killed in the impact.

The driver, as well as four minor children including two 3-year-olds and two 10-year-olds, were all seriously injured in the crash. They were taken to local hospitals for treatment, where their conditions have not yet been made public. The relationship between the driver and the passengers is also unknown at this time.

Legal Options After These Tragic Incidents

If it becomes clear through the course of the New Jersey State Police investigation that the driver was responsible for the accident, either through negligence, recklessness or even intoxication, that individual could face criminal charges. However, state law also allows the victims and their families to file wrongful death and/or personal injury lawsuits against the driver found at fault for the auto accident. These suits are civil in nature and do not require a criminal conviction or even a criminal charge to be seen in civil court.