Wrongful Arrest Law in Wayne, NJ

Whether it is a case of mistaken identity or you were in the wrong place at the wrong time in Wayne, NJ, turn to the legal firm of Joel M Bacher to get help clearing your name. As a former public defender, our lawyer knows the local justice system and wrongful arrest law, and he serves with the Municipal Court Public Defenders as a representative. When you work with us, you’ll always receive the kind of personal attention you deserve.

Attention to Detail

When your rights have been violated, we’ll stand beside you and help you find justice. At your very first consultation, we’ll carefully comb through the details of your arrest to build your case. Our goal will be to clear your record and hold the responsible parties accountable for your arrest.

Wrongful arrest law is meant to protect clients like you from injustice and wrongful prosecution. The office of Joel M Bacher in Wayne has a lawyer who’s licensed to practice throughout New York and New Jersey. Call to schedule an appointment today.