Truck Accident Law in Wayne, NJ

If you’re involved in an accident involving a commercial truck or semi in Wayne, NJ, the law firm of Joel M Bacher can offer you a free consultation. Our truck accident law firm represents plaintiffs in civil cases and provides defense in criminal matters resulting in bodily injury, death, or property damage of any extent.

Prompt, Personal Representation

We take an individualized approach to legal service that’s tailored to the client. From your first meeting in our office until you case is resolved, you’ll receive comprehensive representation that’s meant to get results. We have access to investigators and medical experts when necessary, and we’ll use our negotiating skills to deal with insurance companies and the courts.

No matter which side of the incident you’re on, the office of Joel M Bacher is on your side. Bring your truck accident law matter to our office in Wayne today. Our attorney is licensed to practice in the states of New Jersey and New York.