Sex Crime Law in Wayne, NJ

Being charged with a violation of sex crime law can have a devastating impact on every aspect of your life, so choose the law office of Joel M Bacher to craft your defense. Our firm in Wayne, NJ, strives to set a standard for criminal defense in the local community regardless of the case. From accusations of indecent exposure to Megan’s Law, if you have a tough case ahead of you, our law office is here to help.

We’re Behind You

From the minute you retain our services until your case travels through the local legal system, we’ll be by your side to protect your rights. Sex crimes carry a lot of emotion, so our job is to try and cut through the confusion and present the facts. Our firm focuses on getting results whether the outcome is dismissal, an acquittal, or a downgrade in your charges.

Turn to the law practice of Joel M Bacher to protect yourself after a sex crime law charge or arrest. We’re proud to represent clients in Wayne, Patterson, and all of northern New Jersey. Call today to schedule a free consultation.