‘I Didn’t Know’ Is Not Enough To Overcome Weapons Possession Charges

Weapons possession can be a very serious offense, especially when the charge is possession during the commission of a violent crime. Oftentimes, the weapon is the catalyst leading to other more serious felony gun charges. Sometimes, possessing a weapon by an otherwise law-abiding citizen unfamiliar with the caveats of the law can lead to unlawful possession as well, and a need for criminal defense attorney. It is true that gun laws vary from state to state. However, lack of knowledge of the law does not dismiss a person from charges, say at an airport security checkpoint, or failure to register a gun purchase, or to remember that you have a pistol in a glove compartment upon search of your vehicle for a traffic violation.

How To Respond To Firearms Charges

Having a gun in your possession is a serious responsibility. Being arrested and having a gun on your person can lead to serious charges, perhaps even jail. If you are arrested for possession of a deadly weapon, do not talk to the police.

In many cases, an alleged crime that involves weapons possession is bundled with other charges related to the weapon, such as the legality of the gun itself, or its ammunition, if children are present. No matter what type of charge you are facing, do not talk to the police without an attorney. Even if they tell you your charges can be reduced if you talk, wait for counsel. Remember: it’s their job to help prosecutors prove you are guilty.

Legal Counsel Experienced In Weapons Charges

When facing a serious charge such as a weapons offense, put your case in the hands of someone who knows what to do. At The Law Offices of Joel M. Bacher, our defense services are backed by over 40 years of experience in the field. We approach every case the same way: prepare for everything, including trial. This gives us a stronger position from which to negotiate your freedom.

In a recent criminal matter involving weapons adjudicated in Superior Court of Essex County, New Jersey, Joel Bacher defended his client in a trial that involved indictments on both possession of a gun and possession of a gun by a felon. The result: dismissal of all charges.

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