Skilled Defense In Cases Of Forgery And Counterfeiting

Forgery refers to faking documents with the intent to deceive, usually for financial gain. Sometimes, it’s a faked signature on a legal document such as a check or a loan application. Sometimes, it’s a faked or altered document altogether, like a forged certificate of authenticity on a fake piece of artwork. In many cases, the fake is a commodity such as wine (labels or content). When the “commodity” is fake money, the charge is counterfeiting. There are instances when signing something without meaning to deceive can get you in hot water. Not all charges stem from willfully attempting to deceive. Perhaps that is the hot water you are in.

What To Do If You Are Arrested For Forgery Or Counterfeiting

You’re unknowingly passing a lot of counterfeit money. In fact, you have a lot of it you got elsewhere. And you’re arrested. Or you signed your brother’s name on an application, with his consent, but nevertheless it is being construed as a forged signature. There are numerous reasons to be charged with forgery, some more substantial and “legitimate” than others, but charges nevertheless. If you are charged, however, you best get a criminal defense attorney and not talk to the police about your “mistaken” forgery charge. Being arrested for forgery is not to be taken lightly.

Do not try to explain to the authorities the integrity of your excuse. Exercise your right to remain silent and get a criminal defense lawyer who handles forgery right away.

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