Joel Bacher, Criminal Defense Lawyer for Weapons Possession Charges

In a recent criminal matter involving weapons, adjudicated in Superior Court of Essex County, NJ, Joel Bacher defended his client in a trial that involved indictments on both possession of a gun, and possession of a gun by a felon. The result: Dismissal of all charges.

Weapons Possession can be a very serious offense, especially when the charge is possession during the commission of a violent crime. Oftentimes the weapon is the catalyst leading to other more serious felony gun charges. Sometimes, possessing a weapon by an otherwise law-abiding citizen unfamiliar with the caveats of the law can lead to unlawful possession as well, and a need for criminal defense attorney. It is true that gun laws vary from state to state. However lack of knowledge of the law does not dismiss a person from charges, say at an airport security checkpoint. Or failure to register a gun purchase, or to remember that you have a pistol in a glove compartment upon a search of your vehicle for a traffic violation.


Having a gun in your possession is a serious responsibility. Being arrested and having a gun on your person can lead to serious charges, perhaps even jail. If you are arrested for possession of a deadly weapon, do not talk to the police. Period. Do not try to negotiate with the police. Ever. Exercise your right to remain silent and get a criminal defense lawyer at your first opportunity. The police, when questioning you, despite what your mother may have told you, are not your friends. Although they appear as such, that is how they do their job to get information to hold against you if you do talk. Often times an alleged crime that involves weapons possession is bundled with other charges related to the weapon, such as the legality of the gun itself, or its ammunition, if children are present. Do not start plea bargaining reduction of charges without counsel! Be polite, yes, but be firm, and request a call to a criminal defense lawyer at your first opportunity and continue to remain silent.


If you or someone you know has been arrested for unlawful possession of a weapon, I urge you to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney for representation and counsel. The prosecutor's office will always have the responsibility of proving you committed the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. Not only is this hard to satisfy, but if the presiding judge has any reason to believe you did not commit every element to the crime, the charges against you may be reduced or dismissed. I, Joel Bacher, am here to defend your rights. I have, for forty years, successfully defended numerous charges that involved a weapons arrest. My Wayne law office has achieved numerous acquittals, dismissals and downgrading of charges for a wide range of cases that involve guns. We prepare thoroughly for every case in the event of trial. We believe the way to beat a weapons possession charge is to negotiate and litigate from a position of strength.

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