Joel Bacher is a Criminal Defense Lawyer for Drug Possession Charges, and Has Been Achieving Dismissals and Downgrades, if Not Outright Not Guilty Verdicts, for Over 40 Years.

If you or someone you know is here reading this right now, chances are there's been an arrest for a drug-related crime. It's a stressful time; I've been defending drug defendants for over 40 years and I know the anxiety and uncertainty that is in the air. But let me assure you, many charges just don't stand a chance in court and are pled down, downgraded or dismissed altogether. I can put you at ease if you allow me to listen to the details of your case. I, Joel Bacher, am here to defend your rights. I have, for forty years, successfully defended hundreds of drug possession and drug distribution cases ranging from individuals that include addicts, students, professionals and executives. My Wayne law office has achieved numerous acquittals, dismissals and downgrading of charges for a wide range of cases including one-timers to serious offenders as well as those in need of serious counseling. We prepare thoroughly for every case in the event of trial. We believe the way to beat a drug possession charge is to negotiate and litigate, if necessary, always from a position of strength.

Possession of controlled dangerous substances (CDS) is not a matter to be taken lightly despite how society in some pockets of the country have relaxed laws for possession of certain drugs. The severity of the punishment for a drug crime depends on the type of substance, the quantity, the intent of possession, and local, state and federal laws. A drug possession arrest in New Jersey can have a serious impact on your future, and lead to uphill challenges when job hunting, application filing and so on. Some drug possession charges are misdemeanors that require an appearance in municipal court. Some are state crimes, some federal crimes.


Do not talk to the police. Period. Do not try to negotiate with the police. Ever. Exercise your right to remain silent and get a criminal defense lawyer at your first opportunity. The police, when questioning you, despite what your mother may have told you, are not your friends. Although they appear as such, that is how they do their job to get information to hold against you if you do talk. Often times drug charges are bundled with other charges, such as paraphernalia, as well as distribution, or possession in a school zone. Do not start plea bargaining reduction of charges without counsel! Be polite, yes, but be firm, and request a call to a criminal defense lawyer at your first opportunity and continue to remain silent.

In some cases, with the help of a lawyer present, charges can be downgraded by plea. Others more serious charges such as felonies can lead to heavy fines and lengthy jail sentences and a criminal record. Do not take on drug possession charges by yourself despite what you think or who you know. Defending a drug charge is not a do-it-yourself project. The punitive approaches the legal system can assess to your case is not something to be taken lightly in New Jersey.

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